Sunday, 25 December 2011

(Insert generic Christmassy themed title here!)

Hi everyone!

Amidst all of this Christmas spirit, alcohol and turkey I have decided once again to take up blogging. My previous attempt was short-lived, I think I lasted two posts before blogger got locked away in the back of my mind only to be forgotten about for a few months and by then I figured it was too late to start it up again. However this time I am DETERMINED to stick to it, there is no stopping me now!

Here's a quick bit of info about me just to get into the swing of things:

I'm Vicky, an 18 year old girl from the North-West with a rapidly growing obsession over nail polish and unhealthy food. I'm studying A levels in Chemistry, History, English Language and an AS in Biology and I've just got my offers for uni to do a chemistry degree! I'm hoping to move to uni in Scotland next year, so if all goes to plan I'll be a proper northern lass (Och aye!)

And with that I'm off to sleep, but I'll whack my first proper~ post on in the morning so keep an eye out!

Happy Christmas!

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