Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Nails Inc Whitehall Magnetic Polish!

Hello again! Two posts in a day, I'll be getting too big for my boots soon!

Now I've got some swatches of another Nails Inc magnetic polish, this time Whitehall. The picture online shows it as almost being bright blue but it's definitely closer to teal than their photo shows, however that doesn't stop it from being the best colour of the magnetics that I've tried!

(My lovely mother offered to be my guinea pig for these, now I wish I'd done them on myself)

The pattern on Whitehall is much more prominent than with Trafalgar Square and Houses of Parliament (swatches coming soon!) and they contrast perfectly with the base colour. The formula for this is pretty good too, not too goopy like can sometimes be the problem with Nails Inc colours and drying time is great! My only issue is there is some running even with the tiniest bit of top coat, I guess I'll just have to be much more careful next time. 

Pros:                                   Cons:
Absolutely stunning colour   A little expensive
Easy to apply                      Runs a little with topcoat
Quick drying time

Overall I'd give this a solid 7/10, let down only by the running and the weighty price tag that accompanies it. Hopefully this post has given you an insight to how great these polishes are!

You can pick up Whitehall from Nails Inc directly for £13.00, and I highly suggest you snap it up quick

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